What does it mean to love?

So .. Just thinking about what matters really and my definition of living and loving .. and it hit home hard .. there's so many types of love .. familial, romantic .. the kinship kind and the love that you feel when immersed in the natural beauty of the world .. the sea, mountains a waterfall .. and it makes you simply stop in your tracks .. you feel something shift inside.. warmth spreads and peace beckons .. and you feel butterflies in your fingertips .. and there's no bend inside only freedom to grow move and evolve .. so here's to all my beautiful family and friends feeling a bit of this in 2019 ..

The thing about love is that it’s not tangible, you just feel it - it’s the warmth you feel in the air around you, the deep tug you feel in your heart, the rollercoaster ride it brings you on, the fuel you need when you’ve had the most horrible day, ... and the high you rise to because it gives you the energy to go on and strive and connect from your deepest place .. where your soul resides. It's why we are here .. embrace that feeling and give it everything you've got. This quote by Red K Elders really says it all:

“Love doesn’t mean “I want you” or “I want you to be mine'“, neither “you’re good looking” or “you’re sexy”… Doesn’t mean ‘I can’t live without you” or “I need you”, or “let’s be together for ever” or any of those things it is often mistaken for. What it actually means is:

“I really like, respect and appreciate who you are in all your realness and sovereignty, and if there is anything I can offer, without compromising my true nature, that will help you on your path, then it will be a gift to me if you’ll allow me to give it.”

ann stew.jpg

“imagine a story like this:

he held onto her

& he never let go.”