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a little bit about me

Well to put it simply I just love LOVE stories! From a young age I used to highlight and re-write all the beautiful passages in books that described this feeling between two people. So I am basically one hard-core hopeless romantic!  

Before being a Celebrant I worked for several years in various sales, marketing and event management roles in book publishing and for the wonderful non-profit group Reach Out! helping young people get through tough times. 

It was then when it came to my own wedding and met with our wonderful Celebrant Catherine Kennedy that I realised what a wonderful job this was.. and all those passages I had highlighted over the years could now come in handy! I soon enrolled in the course in 2010 and have never looked back.

I am now a Celebrant full time as well as a mum to my 3 beautiful kids  India, Jack and Lily. The best part of my job is that I get to discover and write about real life love stories, turn this into a very personal ceremony that reflects each couple's unique connections and at the end of the day see two people madly in love say 'I SO DO!' to each other in front of all the people they love the most. Doesn't really get any better than that!