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Pass it on...capturing life stories and memories to share forever


Well I believe every one of us has a story to share and wisdom to pass on.  We can get too caught up in the day to day routine of life and forget to ask the big questions we have always wanted to know to the people we love the most. We think …I’ll get around to that one day when the time is right. But sadly that one day may never come. So, I want to take charge of that one day on your behalf!  My dream with Pass it On is to create a family gift of a life-time. Imagine being able to press play and then hear your great grandmother or your grandfather’s voice again..and listen to them recount stories about what their childhood was like, perhaps listen to them sing their favourite song, discover who influenced them the most, hear their words of wisdom about how to get the most out of life..and any stories or memories they would like to pass on to their future generations which can be replayed and treasured forever.


How did this idea come about?

As a Marriage Celebrant for the past 7 years I have loved discovering all of my couple’s love stories and then weaving those words into a very personal Wedding Ceremony that reflects each couple’s unique connection. I love getting to the heart of why they have chosen this one person above all others as their pillion passenger in life and what is it about them that they are drawn to. Last year I became very aware that my parents were getting older and I really wanted to make sure I knew everything about their history. I would also often save their voice mail messages on my phone just in case something might happen to them and I could always have their voice on record to listen to and hold close. I think there is something so unique and powerful about each of our voices and just hearing your loved one’s voice can fill you up with so much emotion and comfort. Then I thought to expand these voice mail recordings into one big beautiful audio life story… and so the idea of Pass It On was born! 

How does it happen?

Following some extensive research I devised a list of key questions for each individual’s life story and the 3 step process to capture each one goes like this:

1.     We have an initial meeting that is really a meet & greet and a chance to get to know each other with absolutely no obligation to go ahead. I will email the interview questions beforehand and when we meet up we can decide which ones to include, any to exclude and any other topics that you would like to have covered. Other family members are also welcome to come along to this initial meeting.

2.     The second meeting is when the recording takes place. This will just be with myself and the client and will take approximately 2 hours. A suitable venue that is private, quiet and comfortable will be decided upon and the interview format is very informal and done in a very personal and natural way.. often in a living room over a cheese platter and a glass of wine!

3.     The recording will then be edited and captured as a professional audio podcast. It will be presented to the client in the form of link with a password to download and also on a USB to keep forever. This link and password can be shared with all family members and friends who wish to listen to the recording. The Client will hold all copyright over their life story recording.

 If you would like to enquire about a Pass It On recording please email me at sophie@sydneyscelebrant.com.au